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Welcome to our website featuring films for the transport enthusiast.

We specialise in railways filmed in the 1980s and 1990s but also cover other types of transport - ranging from trams in the 1950s to trains, buses and boats in the 21st century.

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Review of AV260 in Traction magazine - March/April 2017

NEW!  AV866

The Kings Cross-Retford Class 86-92


Single DVD

NEW!  AV867

The Doncaster-Bradford Class 86-91 & Eurostar (1988-2017)

Single DVD

NEW!  AV868

The York Class 73-92 & Eurostar


Single DVD

NEW!  AV869

The Thirsk-Glasgow Class 90 & 91


Single DVD

NEW!  AV870

The East Coast Class 73-92 & Eurostar


4 DVD Set







This is York

(Part 10: 2016)

Single DVD

NEW!  AV257

Pickering Paxman & Grand Farewell Railtours

Single DVD



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Anbrico Felixjaz films do not contain any added sounds or commentary.  

Only sounds recorded during filming are used but location and train details are captioned on the screen.

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